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Heavy Vehicle Extrication Kit (HVEK)

Paratech Highway VSK

Highway  Vehicle  Stabilization

 Vehicle Stabilization

From size up to stabilization. Immobilizing the vehicle for the safety of all involved can take on several evolutions depending on the situation. Basic chocking the tires and cribbing to several methods of shoring and possible lifting may be in order prior to forcible entry into the vehicle.

Paratech Vehicle Stabilization Kits have the strength and flexibility to handle any size vehicle anytime, anywhere. This includes sub compact cars, buses, cement trucks and even train locomotives. Additionally, these components provide the extra value of being completely interchangeable with your other Paratch equipment for building collapse and trench rescue scenarios. They are strong, sturdy and reliable. Paratech systems are the easiest to use and the strongest VSKs on the market today.

Heavy Vehicle Extrication Kit

Interstate Vehicle Stabilization Kit

VSK Controller



HydraFusion Strut Versatility


Basic to Complex


We  have Solutions



PARATECH has numerous products that can lift and or shift loads up to 89 tons / 80.9 metric tons.

High pressure Maxiforce G2 Air Lifting Bags offer the greatest lift capacity and smallest insertion height.


High pressure Multiforce

Medium pressure Rescue Air Cushions provide high lift and up to 26 tons / 23.5 metric tons (per kit) and medium insertion height


HydraFusion Struts have the highest insertion height with a lift capacity of 10 tons / 9.1 metric tons and a lift height of up to 16 inches / 40.6 cm.;


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