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for All Rescue Saws

TEAM TORNADO Diamond Rescue Saw Blades for all Rescue Saws.

TORNADO – Budget friendly diamond rescue blade with excellent performance
TEAM Tornado Diamond Blade – Excellent Performance on “CONCRETE and METAL”. Can outlast 100+ Abrasive Wheels!

Are you cutting burglar bars, automobiles or steel with your rescue saw?

The Tornado Diamond Blade is the answer. Because of its unique diamond matrix and heavy-duty steel core, it can cut through light and medium gauge steel, metal guard rails, auto bodies, aluminum, and many other metals. It will even cut reinforced and non-reinforced concrete.

TEAM Rescue Blades. The Tornado Diamond Blade is used worldwide by small to medium size municipalities in fire and rescue operations.






TEAM TORNADO Diamond Rescue Saw Blades for ALL Rescue Saws

TEAM has applied a common-sense approach to diamond blades for rescue saws. The Team Piraya is a unique “Multi-Purpose” blade that cuts an enormous spectrum of materials without loss of cutting speed.

The Tornado is a perfect blade for Fire Departments with a tight budget. This blade gets you into a top performing diamond rescue blade at an affordable price. If you know you are venting a roof use the TEAM Maxiblade or Team Blazer Blade for fast rapid roof cutting or consider adding a SHARK Ventilation Chainsaw for a two-saw cache.

When you are on the next emergency scene, you will not have to worry which blade to use. You can trust the Tornado Blade will tear right through it.

Medium Gauge Steel, Light Gauge Steel, Burglar Bars, Pad Locks, Auto Bodies, Steel Doors, Iron Pipes, Concrete.

TEAM Rescue Blades perfect for all extrication, forcible entry and rescue operations!

Time Tested, Time Trusted by RIT, SOC, USAR and forcible entry teams worldwide.

TD12SC 12” Tornado Diamond Blade
TD14SC 14” Tornado Diamond Blade

TEAM Rescue Saws, Blades and Kits are

available through dealers nationwide.

Contact TEAM Equipment to locate a stocking dealer near you.


The right tools for the job!

TEAM has a full line of saws, blades, kits and accessories.


All the right stuff, in one rugged box. Blades, spare parts, fuel accompany your rescue saw available wherever, whenever you need it.


Team Husqvarna K12 Rescue Saws, robust and reliable. Best selling Rescue Saws in the U.S.A.

SHARK Chainsaws

SHARK Ventilation chainsaws provide reliable Husqvarna performance with rugged performance upgrade to maximize fire rescue operations

We have the tools,

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