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Long story short

For over 60 Years, the fire service has chosen the Partner/Husqvarna K12FD Rescue saw over all other cutters on the market.  The TEAM HUSQVARNA K12FD Fire Rescue Saw Kits are designed to satisfy or exceed every demand made by the Fire Service resulting in the best all-around rescue saw kit available to the fire service. Teams well thought out Rescue Saw Kit allows the operator to cut every material possible – wood, concrete, steel, plastic, rubber.   No matter what the emergency, fire – building collapse – earthquakes – terrorist incidents… With a Team K12FD94 Rescue Saw Kit, failure is not an option.

TEAM Rescue Saws, Blades and Kits are available through dealers nationwide.

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TEAM Partner – Husqvarna K12FD94 bestselling all-around primary rescue saw with the best power to weight ratio and unlimited cutting capability.

Featuring Husqvarna’s 6.5hp (94cc) 2-stroke advanced technology X-Torq air-cooled gas engine. Equipped with smart carburetor and active air filtration for constant air intake monitoring to automatically adjust fuel mixture assuring maximum cutting performance. With a new cylinder design and digital ignition providing optimum performance with 5% greater fuel efficiency. New Smart-Tension belt tensioner, lightweight 14” steplessly adjustable magnesium blade guard with reflective stripes and “D” rings for attaching included equipment sling. Decompression valve and large “D” ring handle on the sealed Dura Starter provides a 50% reduction in starter pulling force.

The NEW K12FD94 provides improved ergonomics, reliability and performance.

Maximum cutting depth 5” with 14″ blade, Weight 24 lbs.


K12FD94    14” 6.5hp (94cc) Rescue Saw (blade not included)

700216FD  14” 18 Tooth Blazer Carbide Tipped Blade

TMB-14   14” 30 Tooth Maxiblade Carbide Tipped Blade

PIRA-14FD  14” Piraya Blade (Our Most Popular Diamond Blade)

Things to consider


Shark Ventilation Chainsaw
While many departments across America have multiple saws at their disposal, some rural or volunteer departments may not have the financial ability to have multiple saws. In this instance we recommend the TEAM Husqvarna K12FD 94 cc 14” rescue saw paired with a TEAM 14” Maxiblade or Blazer carbide tipped blade for roof ventilation and a 14” Piraya diamond blade. The saw is a perfect balance between power and weight, paired with our “Cuts Everything” blade bundle (1 each = Maxiblade or Blazer & 1 Piraya diamond blade), you will be ready and able to cut anything standing in your way.

For Heavy Rescue or departments with multiple or dedicated saws. The K12FD 119cc 16” saw is the strongest hand-held cutter available anywhere. This power house makes easy work of thicker/heavier cutting applications. If your department has many commercial buildings with built up roofs in your area you may find the extra power and cutting depth of the K12FD119 may come in very handy. The extra power and performance offsets the additional weight for these situations.

14" K12FD 5" cut depth
The K12FD 74 is a smaller, lightweight saw, fully capable to perform numerous tasks in the fire service. From rollup doors, to lighter roof ventilation (standard residential roofs), this saw paired with a TEAM rescue blade will prove a good choice for less demanding cutting applications.

If you are going with a two-saw approach (or more), we recommend the K12FD94 14” rescue saw as your primary saw for all you concrete and metal cutting with a TEAM rescue blade(s) (see rescue blades) and a SHARK II Ventilation Chainsaw for roof ventilation (see SHARK II under Ventilation Chainsaws). If you have these two saws you have the bases covered for most everyday fire rescue response. Consider adding specialty cutting solution s to prepare for larger natural or man-made disasters. (see specialty cutters).

K12FD94 Best selling rescue saw in America

Husqvarna K12FD94 Rescue

K12FD reflective blade guard
Reflective Lettering

K12FD94 rescue saw with firefighter friendly lightweight magnesium blade guard and reflective decals reduces overall weight and improves visibility in smoke and water spray.

D pull start handle on K12FD rescue saws
“D” Starter Handle

TEAM K12FD has a specially designed “D” starter handle, with room for heavy firefighter gloves.

Team K12FD comes with carry strap
Adjustable Carry Strap

Enhanced carrying strap and larger carabiners for heavy duty jobs. Allows you to run, walk and climb smoothly.

K970 K12FD rescue swa decompression valve
Easy to start

The unique design of the carburetor, cylinder and digital ignition system, together with air purge and decompression valve, ensure an easy start.

K12FD faster blade stop
Fireground Response

Team K12FD has a blade retarder reducing the stop time of the blade when the machine is switched off, which enables firefighters to quickly change blades and move to the next response.

Husqvarna X-Torque K970 Rescue K12FD
X-Torque Engine

TEAM K12FD features an X-Torq® engine that produces more power, less emissions with lower fuel consumption resulting in improved firefighter response.

K12FD rescue saw active air filter
Dual Stage Air Filtration

K12FD rescue saws with dual-stage active air filtration, combining centrifugal cleaning and filter to increase fireground performance and extends service intervals.

K12FD K970 belt tension
Optimal Belt Tensioning

The semi-automatic SmartTension minimizes the risk of under- and over tensioning.


smartcarb auto adjusting K12 rescue saw
Artificial Intelligence

K12FD SmartCarb includes built-in automatic compensation for firefighting conditions maintaining high power during various air intake conditions.

12″ 74cc Rescue Saw

Husqvarna K12 New York rescue saw

Forcible Entry Rescue Saw


TEAM/HUSQVARNA’s K12FD 74 Forcible Entry Rescue Saw, 74cc of power in a smaller, a high quality, lightweight rescue saw.  A perfect saw for forcible entry situations, urban roof ventilation and light concrete cutting. Top performance when cutting automobiles, iron bars, gates, locks, fire doors, silos, all types of metal fences, guard rails, light concrete etc. The powerful K12FD 74, with a standard TEAM carbide tipped saw blade, is excellent for wood cutting as well.

The TEAM/HUSQVARNA K12FD 74 is very capable of roof ventilation in rural areas on standard type shingle and wood roofs. For heavier commercial roofs however, there is no better saw than the original K12FD94 Fire Rescue saw.

The K12FD 74 with a 12” chrome blade guard (4” cutting depth) and can be purchased as a saw only or as a complete kit with storage case, blades and accessories.

The K12FD 74 has features like the new generation Active Air Filtration™, one of the market’s most efficient centrifugal air cleaning systems. SmartCarb™, a built-in automatic filter compensation and a highly efficient vibration dampening system. The K12FD74 Fire Rescue Saw has an extra-large starter handle with space for bulky gloves, chrome plated blade guard for good visibility in smoke and water spray, which enhances control of the cutter as well as an adjustable carry strap for maximum freedom of movement. It is outfitted with an X-Torq®engine, which reduces emissions up to 75 % and lowers fuel consumption by 20%. Other important features include DuraStarter™, a dust-sealed starter that increases reliability and product life, Air Purge and a decompression valve which makes the power cutter easy to start.


The K12FD94-16. 6.5hp, 94cc 16” Rescue Saw is the Fire Department hand-held cutter available now with a 16 inch guard.

The TEAM Husqvarna K12FD is the power house of our hand held cutting line in the fire service. When it comes to hand held gas-powered cutters for demanding jobs, with blades up to 16″ and cutting depths up to 6″, our largest model, the Husqvarna K12FD94-16, is in a class of its own.

The TEAM Husqvarna K12FD94-16, with an impressive 6.5 hp, 94cc output and a 16″ blade guard will easily drive 16″ blades.


16 Inch Blade on a hand-held cutters

TEAM Rescue Saws 16 inch saw


The right tools for the job!

TEAM has a full line of saws, blades, kits and accessories.


All the right stuff, in one rugged box. Blades, spare parts, fuel accompany your rescue saw available wherever, whenever you need it.


Rescue blades specially designed for the grueling environment firefighters face daily.  Fastest cutting speeds with longevity to assure you can make the cut time and time again.

SHARK Chainsaws

SHARK Ventilation chainsaws provide reliable Husqvarna performance with rugged performance upgrade to maximize fire rescue operations

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