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Firepower Simplified

In the heat of the battle, a thermal imaging camera

is indispensable

Cruise Ship Response Planning for COVID-19 Coronavirus

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

All cruise lines have equipment and train their personnel to combat fires, man overboard, abandon ship, hull breaches and other potential dangers an ocean-going vessel may encounter. An action plan for a virus outbreak like the Coronavirus onboard a cruise ship needs to be in place as well.

Problem – Solution – Implementation


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From shipboard firefighting to damage control, man overboard to confined space rescue.


TEAM Marine Solutions including Safety Equipment, Damage Control Survival Essentials, Heavy Lifting/Moving/Shifting and more.  The tools and equipment professionals count on to do their jobs as quickly and safely as possible. Tools from brands like FLIR, Paratech, Ampco, Team and more.


Equipment like damage control safety grab bags with wood plugs, wedges and common tools needed in the event of a hull breach, FLIR Thermal Imaging cameras to fight fires and locate victims, Paratech fast and strong Damage Control Shoring,  Leader search and inspection camera, confined space communications equipment, battery, gas or electric fans, firefighting nozzles  to name a few.


Need to safely remove passengers trapped on a malfunctioning elevator, we can help with that. Ever have someone pinned in or beneath a heavy piece of equipment miles off shore, let us find solutions for your concerns. Contact us today for more information on our advanced rescue solutions.


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FLIR K-Series
Thermal Imaging Cameras

Learn from experience, FLIR has been on the forefront of thermal infrared technology for decades.

When a fire breaks out, you don’t have time to spare. The survival of your vessel, crew and passengers rely on your firefighting team having the best equipment and training available to make rapid informed decisions.

FLIR cost effective thermal image cameras drastically improve shipboard firefighting and search and rescue operations.


Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

The Aerial M210 V2 Series kits come complete with the imagers, batteries, controllers, and displays you need to get your operations in the air on day one.




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