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Paratech Air Lifting Bags are the perfect solution to lift extremely heavy items where you can’t use a crane, forklift or jack.  Inflated by various ais sources from foot pump, air bottle or compressor, these lightweight lifting bags can fit in most tight spaces and provide up to 89 tons of lifting capacity.  ATEX certification provides safety when combustible gasses may be at large.

FLIR Thermal Imaging cameras – Building diagnostics, manufacturing, OEM integration, oil & gas and Petro chemical plants to public safety and utility companies.  Keeping the lights on and wheels of progress moving forward are what these tools are all about.

TEAM AMPCO Non-Sparking tools kits, leak sealing plug and wedge kits, leak sealing box patches and more. TEAM has mission specific safety tools your facility needs to stay up and running safely.

Husqvarna Saws, core drills, demolition robots, diamond blades and more. Construction, demolition, renovation, the cutting tools you need to get the job done right.

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Using thermal imaging for industrial applications

Thermal imaging cameras for industrial applications are powerful
and non invasive tools for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of electrical and mechanical installations and components. With a thermal imaging camera you can identify problems early, allowing them to be documented and corrected before becoming more serious and more costly to repair.

Choosing the right thermal imaging camera supplier

Buying a thermal imaging camera is a long term investment. Once you start to use it, the safety of entire installations and people might depend on it. You therefore not only need to select the thermal imaging camera that best fits your needs but also a reliable supplier that can support you over a longer period of time. Thermal imaging technology has become one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for industrial applications. By detecting anomalies that are usually invisible to the naked eye, thermal imaging allows corrective action to be taken before costly system failures occur.

TEAM FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras for power lines
TEAM FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras for rollers and motors
TEAM FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras for Poor connection and fuse damage
Air bag lifting
Paratech Air Cushions


Lift, Move, Shift

Paratech manufactures the strongest, safest and easiest to use  equipment available. There is no vehicle on the road, runway or track that a Paratech shoring kit cannot stabilize. For the ultimate vehicle stabilization kit for your department, contact Team Equipment to arrange a product demonstration, a quotation or to find a dealer in your state.

TEAM Air Powered Tools – From Teams entry level air chisel or Topgun air hammer kits to Paratech’s Airgun or Pakhammer.  If you need to penetrate or chisel through most any material, we have the solution.  To speak with an extrication specialist or to find a dealer in your area contact Team Equipment today.


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