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for new possibilities with real high power that won’t weigh you down


Husqvarna has changed the K12 rescue saw Forever!  

Introducing the K1 Pace, 14” battery powered Rescue Saw. The K12FD-E14 Rescue Saw.

This all-new K1 Pace Cutoff Saw was designed from the ground up to equal or surpass all the needs of the fire service with performance rivaling that of its historic past, the Partner K12 and Husqvarna K970 Rescue saws. The K1 Pace battery powered E14 Rescue saw is a 94 volt, high powered battery saw that has the power and performance rivaling that of its gas-powered peers with none of the drawbacks associated with gas powered equipment.

  • Zero direct emissions
  • Zero spark plug to foul
  • Zero fuel lines to break
  • Zero pull start to break
  • Zero carb to repair/replace
TEAM Husqvarna K1 Pace K12FD-E14 Rescue Saw

TEAM Rescue Saws, Blades and Kits are

available through dealers nationwide.

Contact TEAM Equipment to locate a stocking dealer near you.

Fire Department Battery Powered 14″ Rotary Saw

Huaqvarna has engineered a leap forward in performance with its integrated gear box on the K1 Pace that provides much higher torque without the need for excessive RPM’s. The ability to achieve this unsurpassed performance without excessive rpm’s is a game changer providing several performance boosts for the new K1 Pace K12FD-E14 rescue saw.

  • Running at lower RPM’s drastically improves battery runtime and allows for the use of a lighter battery.
  • This lighter battery keeps the overall saw weight down, weighing approximately the equivalent of a 14” gas powered saw.
  • Longer battery run time allows K1 Pace runtimes on one battery approaching that of a full tank of fuel on a gasoline powered saw.
  • Lower RPM’s help achieve lower vibrations and blade chatter resulting in less fatigue for rescue personnel and extends run time.
  • Lower RPM’s allow for a smaller center flange washer allowing the K1 Pace E14 to cut an impressive 5.5 inches deep with a Piraya 14” diamond blade opposed to just 5 inches deep with the same 14” Piraya diamond blade on its comparable 14” gas powered K970 rescue saw.

    K1 Pace 94 volt Team Rescue Saw

    READY When you need it



    • Weight (w/B380X Battery): 23 lbs. (16.4 lbs (no battery, no blade)
    • Length (excl blade): 25.6” (650 mm)
    • Height: 15.75” (400 mm), 16.73” (425 mm)


    Cost comparison:

    The battery saw alone costs less than a gas-powered saw.  Both saws can’t run without fuel.

    With a gas saw: your cost is back loaded as you will need to purchase fuel, in most cases brand name premix fuel for the life of your saw. Consider your cost of a can of premix fuel. Now consider your cost over the next several years.

    With a battery saw: you will need a battery (preferably batteries) and a battery charger.

    The purchase of a battery saw kit is front loaded with cost of the batteries and charger but after approximately 50 hours of run time you will break even (compared to the cost of purchasing premix fuel to run 50 hours).  Hour 51 and on are free from fuel purchases.


    Powerful. Agile. Cordless. Electric. 94v Battery Powered Rescue Saw

    With one battery working and one charging, you virtually never run out of cordless power. Our professional cordless tools and batteries enjoy a high weather protection standard for electronic products. This means long-term reliability, especially in wet conditions. Get ready for new possibilities with real high power that won’t weigh you down.


    READY When you need it


    Optimized blade design – thinner core blades allows for reduced friction, lower vibration and longer run times while maintaining exception cutting performance.

    Recommended Blades:

    • Piraya Diamond Blade: This thin core blade with vacuum brazed diamonds provides optimal performance and versatility fire departments need making this blade a top choice for paring with the new K1 Pace K12FD-E14 Rescue Saw.
    • Maxiblade Carbide Tipped Blade: The thinner core of this blade reduces drag while the deeper gullets clear debris away faster allowing the tungsten carbide tips make easy work of your roof ventilation needs. NOTE: Carbide tipped blades are only to be used by well trained firefighters in emergency rescue operations only.
    • TACTI-CUT S35 BLADE: A cost conscious diamond blade option primarily for occasional cutting of brick, granite, reinforced concrete and some metal.

    Ergonomics, safety and user-friendly controls round out this amazing new rescue saw offering by Husqvarna

    • X-Halt™ brake function – capable of stopping blade in fraction of a second in case of a kick-back situation.
    • An optimally balanced machine – Adding a depth adjuster to the blade guard will add weight to the saw and throw off its ideal balance to weight ratio.

    Plus another dozen or so more features that make this a leading class rescue saw.

    • Batterie B380X charge time is 45 minutes +/-
    • Magnesium blade guard decreases weight
    • Reflective and glow in the dark decals for high visibility in smoke, water spray or complete darkness.
    • Fully adjustable carrying strap for easy transport
    • Improved dust handling
    • Tool mounted on the saw
    • Battery Quick Release button easily accessible with gloved hands
    • Active cooling, for battery and motor
    • Comes with 1” arbor bushing mounted on the saw and extra 20mm bushing.
    • Bright “State of Charge” indicator on user interface and battery for improved visibility
    • Embedded Connectivity – future option
    • Optional Vac Attachment
    • Optional charger and battery storage box
    • Optional rollers
    • Need we go on…



    K1 Pace 94 volt Team Rescue Saw

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