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Vehicle Stabilization

Lift, Shift, Stabilize, Contain & Penetrate


Vehicle Stabilization

the most reliable, innovatively designed

and precision manufactured tools


Vehicle Stabilization

tools and equipment to do your job

 Vehicle Extrication

From size up to stabilization. Immobilizing the vehicle for the safety of all involved can take on several evolutions depending on the situation. Basic tire chocking and cribbing to several methods of shoring and possible lifting may be in order prior to forcible entry into the vehicle.

TEAM Rescue Hand Tool Kits

Every successful extrication starts with the right tools and TEAM has assembled the tool kits you have always wanted to put together but never did. From our RTK25 or Crash 20 hand tool kit, Topgun Air chisel kits to strip away sheet metal, rescue chain kits with come-a-long, non-sparking tool kits to prevent sparks or our leak sealing plug and wedge kits.  The right tool kits for the job, TEAM Rescue Tools.  

Shoring and Vehicle Stabilization Kits

PARATECH manufactures the strongest, safest and easiest to use stabilization equipment available.

Trench, Structural, Vehicle – you name it – PARATECH has you covered!

Paratech vehicle stabilization and lifting
Paratech auto stabilization

First things first Stabilize

Paratech Vehicle Stabilization Kits have the strength and flexibility to handle any size vehicle anytime, anywhere. This includes sub compact cars, buses, cement trucks and even train locomotives. Additionally, these components provide the extra value of being completely interchangeable with your other Paratch equipment for building collapse and trench rescue scenarios.

Paratech Shoring is strong, sturdy and reliable. Paratech systems are the easiest to use and the strongest VSKs on the market today.


Basic to Complex

We  have Solutions

LIFT WITH Paratech

Paratech Multiforce is a game changer for firefighters responding to vehicle accidents. As part of Paratech’s Rapid Extrication Kit or by itself the Multiforce will improve your departments response.

Maxiforce G2

MAXIFORCE ® G2 AIR LIFTING BAG available 14 different sizes made from 3 layers of Neoprene covered Aramid fiber reinforcement with the power to lift, move or shift weights up to 89 tons.


PARATECH HydraFusion Struts (HFS) offer end users the ability to lift up to 10 U.S. Tons with a 2:1 safety factor.

Paratech Maxiforce Air Lifting Bags
Paratech Hydrafusion strut lifting
Firefighter removes door in auto extrication
fire rescue safely removes car door

Forcible ENTRY Extrication

Things to consider before you bring out the big dogs

Every scene is different and your sizeup will determine your course of action.

What is the easiest, fastest, safest way to gain entry to the vehicle with the least danger.  You may be inclined to jump to applying thousands of pounds of force on a metal hinge, a or b post with hydraulics but ask yourself. Is there a safer way? You may be able to simply cut away or bend a little sheet metal, remove a few bolts and the door will simply fall away opposed to risking a piece of metal or the tips of your hydraulic tool breaking and becoming a projectile.

Be Prepared – In some cases, an air hammer kit or various hand tools may be a safer, faster solution.  Know your options, train so you are prepared in the event your hydraulics are not available.

Featured Products

Fire Rescue heavy vehicle extrication stabilization kit

Heavy Vehicle Extrication

Complete solution on your truck

Paratech’s most comprehensive heavy lifting kit available, utilizing the strength of HydraFusion Struts, lifting height and power of the MULTIFORCE in this Rapid Extrication Kit.

Parateck Rapid Extrication Kit

Rapid Extrication Kit

Paratech’s ultimate simple, fast, and safe vehicle rescue solution. Combining the speed, power, and ease of the MULTIFORCE air Lifting Bag and the optimum stabilization of the Standard Vehicle Stabilization Kit.

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