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We specialize in what we do

Search and Rescue is our wheelhouse.  We believe being a jack of all trades and a master of none is no way to represent. We only offer what we believe to be, the best products and value in a category. If we find other products that compliment or provide additional capability for our customers, we may add them to our product offering, but adding product just to build a catalog does not help our customers. Contact Team Equipment to speak with a product specialist.

Brand Loyalty

TEAM Equipment has represented lines like Husqvarna and Paratech since our inception in 1985. We added to our list of top brands by adding FLIR cameras in 2013. We feel we represent the best products available.



Our founder, John Geras, was instrumental in bringing Partner Saws into the fire service. What was branded by FDNY as the K12 Saw is originally a Partner Saw. The Partner name has since been replaced by parent company Husqvarna. All new K12FD models carry the Husqvarna logo.

Our Top Brands

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